Misty Lemons with her llama painted rock at the State Fair of Texas by Misty Lemons      

Artist, Misty Lemons (that's me!) standing next to my llama painted rock and blue ribbon at the State Fair of Texas - 2019


Hi! My name is Misty Lemons! Misty Blue is my nickname! I'm an award winning artist from Texas. I am a domestic abuse survivor, thyroid cancer survivor, and I also suffer from chronic illnesses, which include arthritis and macular degeneration. I was diagnosed two plus years ago or so with M.D. and was told I'd lose my sight in ten years time, so it's important to me to create as much as I can now, should that ever happen. My art is my escape from the stress, pain, and anxiety I have as a result of my illnesses and trauma. Despite being chronically ill, I am able to continue to create and be productive. I've been creating art for as long as I can remember. From the moment I could hold a crayon to now! When I create something, it's like creating my very own world! A world full of beautiful colors, joy, whimsy, and absolute freedom and peace! The world can be a harsh, traumatic place, so my work is meant to transport me away from that and I hope it touches your heart and transports you too!

My mediums of choice are acrylic paint, digital illustration, and photography. I've painted on rocks, rainbarrels, canvas, wood, and more. I love painting on challenging objects! And though, I've drawn on paper for as long as I can remember, I started drawing digitally on my old iPhone with just my finger several years ago and have since graduated to an iPad with pencil. The bigger screen is so much easier on my eyes!



*Second Place In The State Fair Of Texas - 2021 (Painted Rock, Sunflowers)

*Third Place In The State Fair Of Texas - 2021 (Floral Painting)

*Honorable Mention In The State Fair Of Texas - 2021 (Painted Penny, Landscape)

*First Place In Mansfield (Texas) Music Alley Music And Art Festival Photography Competition - 2020 (Pictured on my Portfolio page)

*First Place In Don't Mess With Texas' Photography Competition - 2020

*First Place At The State Fair Of Texas - 2019 (Llama Painted Rock. It was my first time entering into the State Fair. Pictured On My Portfolio Page)

*Runner Up In PAAS' Painted Easter Egg Competition - 2019 (Pictured on my Portfolio page)

*Finalist In Hallmark's Christmas Card Competition - 2008 (My card design was sold in stores and online)


My work has been shown in exhibitions with other artists, as well as stand alone exhibits. I created and curated a collaborative project and exhibition early/mid 2020 also. I called it the "Artists Give Love" Project/Exhibition. (My piece, "Give Love", is pictured on my Portfolio page.) I worked with six other artists to create pieces that reflected hope and love during what was an extremely trying time at the start of the pandemic. We also created videos to accompany our work and encouraged others to join us virtually on social media to amplify our message of love and hope. The goal was to give artists something productive and meaningful to do and to promote love, hope, and kindness. We exhibited our pieces collectively during the Summer of 2020. 


My goal is to have my work licensed and sold on products globally. If you are interested in art licensing my work or art commissions, please contact me. I would love to discuss this with you further.  Email Me Here 

To learn more about me, please follow me on my socials and blog! Thank you so much for your support!



"Love Sets Us Free" mural for Mansfield Commission For The Arts - 2021 (Member since 2019), Artist Reception for Mansfield Commission For The Arts members - 2019*

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